High Eladrin Circle, fey-wild knights


Chivalrous, ritual-obsessed, entitled Eladrin, favored faction of the River King’s court. Oddly allied with the Ophids. Very unfriendly with the Turtle folk. Usually they don’t get along with the Black Fey, but they are a fervent advocate for The Reclamation during all debates and negotiations.

First knight of this order encountered was the Green Knight, with his squire Illifsan. Thunder Company killed the Green Knight, and Illifsan fled on horseback into the millpond gateway, vowing to avenge the death.

When Thunder Company encountered them again, it was in the River King’s court during Evening Court proceedings. It was the party’s first attempt at a diplomatic gesture, and when Illifsan saw who they were, that became a roadblock. This was the only “faction diplomacy challenge” that the party lost.

High Eladrin Circle, fey-wild knights

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