Episode 16

The Birch Queen's Fair

The company accepted badges and gifts of the Oak King. They traveled from his court following Boris the spider towards the Birch Queen’s Fair.

Boris was charmed and led into an ambush by spiders and ettercaps, including the Lady of the Creeping Fey herself. Shael took her crown.

Arriving at the gate to the fair, the party is confronted by an Ettin, whom they end up bypassing, with vague promises of fetching a bottle of wine.

Potions are purchased. Weapons are purchased from a gnome merchant with an enormous mustache. Vengarr picks up some magic hand-axes.

Anu surprises everybody by showing no small skill with a bow during the archery competition. Shael goes on to win the overrall tournament, and now holds the title of Consort of the Birch Queen (until next year’s fair).

Anu trades his memory of his archery excellence in the first round of the tournament for the memory of a gnome wedding that took place at the Fey tree. He also traded Harek’s “healing touch” for learning the Fey Road ritual. Harek, rightfully feeling cheated by the encounter, sulked into a cup of wine.



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